Finding the perfect vendors for your wedding can be challenging.  Do they fit my budget?  Do they have good reviews?  Do our personalities and visions mesh?  Well here is a list of people I think are super awesome and why.



Jill and Jan with Natural Beauties Floral – I have worked with these girls on a few occasions and lets just say, they rock!  Their designs are always beautiful and they are super cool!  Can you ask for more?  Just wondering.



Shan with Weddings by Shan – I have known Shan for a few years and she is so passionate about planning.  She has to be one of the most organized people on the planet and is always sweet and calm in just about any situation.  And she’s pretty fun to hang out with!

Carlene with Naturally Yours Events – I met Carlene when she first moved to Chicago and was getting her feet wet in the wedding industry.  Since then she has grown her business to quite an impressive level.  Carlene is extremely passionate about the environment and takes an active role in the green community both professionally and personally.  She’s pretty rad!


To have a band or not have a band?  That is always the question!  Well every wedding I have been to with a band makes me sad that I am the photographer and not a guest.  So check out Stitely Entertainment.  The owner is super nice and they offer more than one band option plus DJ’s.   Check them out!


Dresses and Accessories

Kpoene with Mignonette Bridal  – Ummm……Kpoene is awesome!  Go to her store and talk to her about your wedding dress.  If you don’t, well… are probably insane!


Spa and Parties

Jenny with Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa – Do you like to party?  Jenny likes to party!  Call Jenny if you want to party.



Jeff and Emily with The Traveling Photobooth – Hands down, the cutest couple in the world.  Unless you are my client and you are reading this, then you are the cutest couple in the world and Jeff and Emily come in at a close 2nd.  Oh and they have 2 adorable pugs that look great in chicken and unicorn costumes.


Favors and Sweets

Katherine with Katherine Anne Confections – Katherine’s truffles and caramels are magical.  Sometimes I think about this hot chocolate she once made when I go to sleep.  Did I mention that I don’t even really like chocolate.  Yah, that’s ridiculous!



I am not really sure what to say about this place other than awesome!  Catalyst Ranch  is most definetly a one of a kind venue.  And their Client Services Manager, Lauren, has really great hair!  This space is perfect for a wedding, reception, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner.  They have an amazing collection of unique furniture.  Honeslty, there is no need to decorate in this space because it is so cool!



Jeff with Cake Coaching – Who doesn’t love cake, really?  If you just said no, I would encourage you to close your browser.  Ok, fine!  Do you have a wedding business and sometimes feel like you want to rip your hair out?  Jeff can help with that.