photo copyDuddits

Heather got Duddits during her second year of college, and to put it lightly, he was a rebellious puppy. Not only did he refuse potty training, he also constantly snuck out of the house in an attempt to get to the Burger King down the road.

Nowadays Duddits still enjoys escaping the yard, policing the dog beach, licking everything in site, ripping apart toys, and tormenting his brother, Buster.


When Heather decided to foster Buster, she was convinced it would be a short-term deal. He eventually weaseled his way into her heart.

Buster is a puppy to the core. In Buster’s perfect doggie world, he’d be held and cuddled 24/7. He enjoys licking his bowl clean (then licking Duddits’ bowl clean), picking on the great danes at the dog park, cuddling, sleeping, taking baths, chasing his ball, and wearing stylish sweaters and coats.

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