Duddits has been Heather’s roommate for 8 years—in 8 apartments and 2 cities. He helps judge all her photos and is an integral part of Heather DeCamp Photography. Although he’s quite the traveler, he’s still working on things like “shaking” and “getting down”, but we’re pretty confident he’ll get there soon.

Along with being a fire hydrant collector, Duddits has always wanted to be a dramatic actor. In fact, he once convinced Heather his leg was broken, until someone walked in with a sandwich and his leg miraculously healed enough to let him hop up and beg.

Duddits enjoys dirty laundry, carrots and steak from Gibson’s (don’t we all?). He recently caught his big break on YouTube and would love it if you’d give his video a thumbs up! Watch him in action here.

Chicago Wedding Photographer Heather DeCamp