We love fat babies—and big kids, too! We’d love to photograph your chubby baby or adorable toddler.

We take a different, more natural approach to child and family photography. While we offer standard portrait sessions, we prefer to photograph children in familiar surroundings. Many of the photographs we take will show your kid(s) interacting and playing with their family. Typical portrait sessions take place in the home or at a park within the Chicago area—whichever you prefer. Most kids seem to feel more like themselves at home, and we’re firm believers in capturing moments that ring true to real life.

We typically spend 45–60 minutes on a family portrait session. Sessions for families with children (1 month and older) start at $180. Prints and high-resolution digital images are available for purchase à la carte. Click here for more information about child and family portrait sessions.

See our newborn services page if you’re interested in sessions for babies up to 1-month-old.